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PowerQwest & NY CAURD Coalition Join Forces to Offer Members Compliance Payments and a New Recurring

PowerQwest Financial, the leading cannabis cash solutions provider, has partnered with the New York CAURD Coalition (NYCC) to offer their members compliant payment options and the ability to earn additional revenue by having an ATM in their dispensary.

“With MasterCard’s recent announcement banning PIN-based debit transactions at dispensaries, it’s getting more difficult for retailers to accept payment while staying compliant with network rules,” says Jim Krawczyk, Director of Retail Sales for PowerQwest.

“We understand your customers would prefer to pay with a card, but the reality is that until Congress passes legislation making cannabis legal on the Federal level the struggle to find payment options that don’t violate Visa/MasterCard rules will continue to be an ongoing struggle,” Jayson Tantalo, NYCC Board Member. “That’s why we’ve teamed up with PowerQwest.”

“Their ATMs are 100% compliant with Visa and MasterCard rules, and meet all local, state and federal laws,” Tantalo continues. “Plus, PowerQwest offers solutions to secure the cash you take in, prevent the passing of counterfeit bills and reduce internal theft.”

PowerQwest offer free ATM placements - to ensure customers can easily obtain cash to buy product. Smart safes and other cash recycling solutions to secure the cash taken in by dispensaries. And for vendors who run across dispensaries without an ATM, PowerQwest offers a generous referral program.

With PowerQwest’s ATM program there is no need to buy hardware, load cash, perform maintenance or even change receipt paper rolls. We handle it all - making having an ATM hassle-free. And, for busy dispensaries PowerQwest will install multiple ATMs.

“The best part is that dispensary owners earn income on every ATM withdrawal,” says Krawczyk. “And if your POS system goes down, like many did on 4/20, our ATMs run independently, and you’ll still be able to sell product.”

To learn more about ATM placements and cash solutions offered by PowerQwest, contact us!

Jim Krawczyk

Director of Retail Sales

Cell: (832)-264-4154

PowerQwest ATMs Brochure
Download PDF • 748KB


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